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Einstein Analytics is the improved version of “Wave Analytics”, the company that Salesforce acquired a few years back. Salesforce Einstein brings deep learning and predictive capabilities right inside your Salesforce. Whether you use Salesforce for Sales, Marketing or Service, Einstein offers insights for you to better understand your business.

Bolt Today’s Einstein Analytics implementation services are centered on the cloud-based platform which connect the data from various resources, produce collaborative interpretations of the data and integrate the same in apps. This business intelligence platform optimizes the data which a business user can access through mobile and get better data visualization. It allows users to handle large data files to prepare pictorial representations such as graphs and charts. Its user-friendly interface keeps your business data summary on just few clicks away and offers quick insights on analyzed data.

How does
Einstein Analytics work?

Salesforce Einstein Analytics connects directly with your CRM data and more data can be uploaded from your Enterprise applications e.g. you can upload all ERP data, Finance data, etc. Using Einstein Studio, you can ask real-life business questions e.g. which customer segment is more profitable or in which geography we might experience more churn. In short, it is a layer of artificial intelligence that seeks to collect, analyze, and transform the critical business data to create meaningful insight. These insights with additional customization can be used to automate business processes, predictions, access potential business opportunities, and increase productivity. As the Einstein Analytics platform serves limitless, the growth of an organization depends on how effectively it can utilize the vast scope of this framework.

Generate AI-powered actionable
insights and boost
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How Bolt
Today can help?

Bolt Today has certified Einstein Analytics experts who can configure and operate the Einstein Studio for you. We have worked with small and large organizations and have domain expertise across Telecommunications, Finance, Healthcare, Hi-Tech and Manufacturing.

With our Salesforce analytics cloud implementation services, we aid organizations to secure the confidence to create their unified view on the user experience front. You can easily measure your performance through Einstein Analytics platform, map your success graph and chase new business opportunities.

We can help you get answers to these and many such questions:

  • Which sales channels are performing best in each territory?
  • Which products are frequently discounted and why?
  • How is our marketing pipeline trending over time?
  • How to manage the sales pipeline?
  • How are the repeat purchases related to customer satisfaction?
  • Which customers are more likely to churn?
  • How to forecast dashboards for future closure of deals?

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