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With Salesforce Marketing Automation, enterprises can target their individual customers with automated messages across email, web, social, and text. With the help of excellent Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultants at Bolt Today, build such marketing programs that increase engagements, size, velocity, and quality of your Sales Pipeline.

Bolt Today’s time-saver Marketing Automation helps Marketing and Sales departments to automate their activities with which they can focus more on solving higher-level difficulties and completing pivotal assignments rather than going through each and every small task. The repetitive tasks can be handled through Marketing Automation where you can have lessened human errors and your human force concentrating wholly on the task in their hand.

Our end-to-end Salesforce Marketing Automation tools solutions help Businesses to target prospects across multiple touchpoints and build active engagements on the platform of their choice. Automating and aligning Marketing and Sales to generate qualified leads, personalized touchpoints, calculating marketing ROI, and many more with Bolt Today aid companies and enterprises to simplify time-consuming marketing activities and personalize the customers' experience.

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Salesforce has two
Marketing Automation
Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a digital marketing platform that builds the communication bridge with customers across digital channels. The main channels used in Marketing Clouds are Email, Social Media, Mobile (SMS & push notifications from the mobile application) and Web.

Bolt Today’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you to manage your marketing activities as well as your interactions with your potential customers you are targeting through several channels. The interaction on these channels initiates the customer procurement and retention and helps in sales expansion. It is easy to segregate your customer base with the help of Salesforce marketing cloud implementation where you can increase your customers’ engagement with your brand and after that, you are able to analyze and measure the results of this engagement.

For Whom is Salesforce Marketing Cloud designed?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) Platform is dedicated to B2C companies. We customize the module according to the needs of the companies in their marketing processes. So it may start with a basic email module and gradually add other digital platforms.

The loyalty of customers depends upon the personalized approach of the business and how they are beneficially communicated. The approach also scores new leads for the businesses. Marketing Cloud allows businesses to design a tailor-made experience for their customers, the implementation of which helps them to reach their potential audience with the effective and efficient use of channels.


Pardot is a framework for Marketing Automation in the B2B sector for organizations of any size. Salespeople are mostly unsatisfied with the quality of leads obtained from marketing people, while marketing people have lower budgets to ensure high-quality leads. This is a typical scenario. Pardot is designed to bring harmony in teams where the tasks are automated and the planning takes place to achieve the targets based on the generated data. Pardot is a tool that combines the efforts of the marketing and sales departments alongside. This CRM tool offers the email automation, targeted email campaigns, and lead management for your Sales and Marketing departments. You are able to measure your campaigns progress including tracking of your customers’ behavior from your dashboard. Marketing people use Pardot to communicate with potential customers in real-time. On the other side, salespeople know how to make the first contact and when.

Salesforce Business Implementation
Why choose Bolt Today?

As a Salesforce development company, we provide solutions by integrating marketing tools. Our experts are well-acquainted with the steps required to take in the implementation of Salesforce Marketing Automation where they analyze your marketing journey and help you to seize your expected marketing ROI.

Our reliable and innovative solutions increase traffic, convert leads, and prove ROI. We provide Marketing Automations that not only help to generate more leads for your business but also assist you in moving those deals at fast pace through the pipeline. With the help of Marketing Automation solutions we provide, you can engage your potential customer base by generating the personalized campaigns. Our experienced Salesforce professionals have help companies in implementing Marketing Automation tools to enhance business values.

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A: No. If you want to, you can be connected to Sales Cloud, which is a CRM itself, via Marketing Cloud Connect.

As your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant, we have the expertise to offer you suitable Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation for your business.

A: Yes, there is difference between Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud. Sales Cloud is a CRM, that acts as a support system for Sales Team. Being a marketing platform, Marketing Cloud supports the Marketing Team and helps in customer journeys.

Bolt Today is your Salesforce Marketing Automation Partner and we offer integration between Salesforce Sales & Marketing Clouds.

A: As you read earlier, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is for B2C companies whereas B2B companies use Pardot.

Be any type of business, we have expertise in Marketing Automation and can help your business to prosper your Marketing journeys.

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