Big Data and the Olympic Games

Big Data and the Olympic Games

More and more, big data analysis is changing the way we do business.  But analytics are also catching on in unconventional business environments.  In a recent article titled “How Big Data and Analytics Help Athletes Win Olympic Gold in Rio 2016,” Bernard Marr explains the enormous impact data analysis is making on the way we coach and train athletes.

Marr writes, “Two of the most important big-picture use cases are in talent identification and talent tracking…in common with businesses trying to get to grips with the potential that analytics can unlock, sports teams are finding that a holistic approach to data management and strategy is likely to pay off.”

Data is changing the way our athletes are tracked and trained. “Large amounts of past performance data can… can highlight precisely what gains a particular rower is likely to make, when subjected to a specific regime.”

Using the right tools and selecting the right approach is essential to success.  To read more, check out the full article at

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