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SFDC Value Creation

What could your sales team accomplish with just one extra hour each day?  Probably a lot.  Value creation means transforming wasted time into efficient, well-organized sales work.  An effective (SFDC) deployment allows your sales team to spend less time looking for data and more time selling.

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SFDC Value Optimization

The (SFDC) suite of products is often marketed as the complete digital package – the end all, be all of Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  Indeed, Salesforce is well adopted across sales and service organizations, with inroads into marketing.  Breadth and depth-wise, however, adoption is weak in light of the multitude of features the SFDC provides.   This whitepaper evaluates SFDC from a value optimization perspective.

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Evaluating your Digital Experience:  Eight Critical Questions

The digital journeys of customers, partners, and employees are central to defining the experience for the brand.  In today’s digital world, interactions between various digital touchpoints and applications are critical to the top and bottom lines for business.   The intent of this whitepaper is to highlight the 8 key questions every organization MUST ask of its digital partner. Recognition and positive validation of these critical questions are central to a successful deployment of a game changing platform.

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Mind the CRM Gap

The digital journey – your customer’s interaction between various digital touchpoints and applications in your business – is essential to customer satisfaction. “Out-of-the-box” solutions offered by Oracle, Salesforce, and others are flush with features but must be honed to be truly useful. Digital cannot be an afterthought. A cluttered, unfocused environment turns customer expectations into a frustrating reality. The purpose of this whitepaper is to lay out Bolt’s approach to digital transformation.

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