Connecting Salesforce With Mulesoft

Power of MuleSoft
Connecting Salesforce With Mulesoft

Mulesoft integration is the process of combining two or more things to create a whole. For businesses, the term integration often refers to software system integration which means bringing together multiple business systems to operate as a collaborative unit. 

Integration is one of the most strategic initiatives a company can invest in today. MuleSoft’s mission is to help organizations change and innovate faster by making it easy to connect the world’s applications, data, and devices. By leveraging MuleSoft, Salesforce customers can now accelerate their pace of innovation by unlocking data

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Integration allows information to be shared between the connected systems. This integration solution can come in many forms, whether it be requesting information from a website, internal employee systems sending and receiving information, or connecting customer data from a point of sale system to CRM to automate recommendations. 

Did you know 69% of service leaders say a single customer view provides more cross-sell and upsell opportunities? That’s right—customer service as a revenue generator! Yet, 70% of service agents can’t find all the information they need to do their job on one screen. 

Without a single customer view and real-time insights, organizations struggle to deliver the quality experiences that customers are looking for today. Therefore, integration to third-party systems and applications becomes increasingly important as a way to differentiate your service and achieve a holistic view of your customer your organization needs. 

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MuleSoft’s approach, called API-led connectivity, provides a platform for connecting and exposing assets. We can create an application network, a seamless framework of data, devices, and applications all connected through reusable APIs. All these APIs are reusable and can be utilized to integrate other external systems easily.

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform for Salesforce

MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform provides tools to create APIs to get data from disparate systems, convert it into a process or deliver an experience to end-user. Anypoint Platform enables organizations to synchronize data and automate transactions between ERP, Sales Cloud, and other systems, enabling connected sales experiences that increase sales productivity MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform is the next-generation integration platform. In a time where businesses are becoming composable enterprises and employing “best of breed” applications and services, creating connectivity requires more than just simple tools. A robust integration platform consisting of a number of valuable products, provides the connectivity organizations need to remain ahead of the game.

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API AnyPoint Platform Approach Integration with Mulesoft include :

Design APIs quickly and consistently leveraging API fragments

Auto-generate unit and integrated tests for APIs and integrations

Engage internal and external users throughout the lifecycle

Deploy, manage and analyze APIs and integrations in a unified management center

Anypoint Platform offers a rich set of features that enable you to actually build out an event-driven architecture – without changing the code base of your existing applications. It can listen or publish to any of the Salesforce provided events, as well as connect to any other system.

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