Lightning Brings Voice to Sales Cloud

Lightning Brings Voice to Sales Cloud

Not long ago, (SFDC) introduced Lightning Sales Cloud, its next-generation cloud sales platform.  Now, SFDC is bringing a new feature to the table in Lightning Voice, a capability Salesforce hopes will streamline phone calls and bring even more of the sales process into Lightning.

In a recent article titled “Salesforce Lightning Voice Brings Calls Inside Sales Cloud,” Michelle Maisto explains what this means for early adopters and business users of Salesforce Lightning.  Maisto writes that “With Lighting Voice, the rep can dial the number from a keypad within the application, or even just click on the number if it’s included with a sales lead’s information. A note-taking section automatically pops up, and the details of the call (who was called, its length and the number) are logged in Salesforce automatically.”

Adding voice calling to Lightning automates the process and makes it more efficient.  Incoming calls can be answered in Lightning as well, and reps don’t need to move between apps to make or receive calls.

Lightning Voice will be available in July 2016 in the United States for Sales Cloud users with a Professional Edition subscription or higher.

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