Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP):

Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP):
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Have you heard of the Salesforce NPSP?

The NPSP (Nonprofit Success Pack) (formerly known as Nonprofit Starter Pack), is a part of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. NPSP is an open source add on app to with pre-built constituent and donor management features. Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is a number of managed packages, installed on top of the Salesforce Enterprise Edition.

It’s built for non-profits by non-profits, thanks to the community of developers, users and partners actively supporting NPSP.

Introduction to Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack: (Video link is below)

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What does the ‘pack’ contain? For instance, it’s an app that covers things from Households, Constituents, Organizations, Relationships, Donations and Fundraising to Volunteering Management, with individuals at its core so you can track all relationships a person can have and their impact all in one place.

The advantage of the pack being in Salesforce is that it comes with all enterprise functionality and that you can customize endlessly to support your own specific processes. Having all this data in one hub means you can take it to the next level, like marketing automation for corporate relations, events management, onboarding journeys… and of course, you can extend all the objects that come in the NonProfit Success Pack itself, from adding attributes to automation, reports, etc… endless possibilities!

NPSP Entity Relationship Diagram

This diagram shows the relationship between NPSP custom objects and Salesforce standard objects for the Household Account Model.

You can customize Salesforce and NPSP even further by adding your own custom objects, fields, automation and so on. And when you do, you will be designing your own unique data model.

Your data model influences how you import data into Salesforce, and understanding it ensures records are created and related to each other properly. For example, if you’re importing contact information for a donor who’s donated to your organization for years, you want to make sure that the donation records you import relate correctly to that contact. There are countless examples like this that show how important data entity relationships are in Salesforce. But not only that — the data model also affects how you integrate with external systems because each external system has its own data model that needs to be able to “talk” to yours. Incidentally, by using NPSP, you get the benefit of a tried-and-true data model that’s compatible with other commonly-used nonprofit apps.

Features of Salesforce NPSP:

1. Constituent / Donor Management

At the core of most Nonprofits are their Constituent & Donors. With Salesforce NPSP you can –

  • Manage individual constituents and households
  • Track the information of Constituent / Donor like their demographic and contact information
  • View their relationships and organization affiliations

2. Donation and Grant Management

As a Non-Profit you would like to be on top of Donation and Grants. NPSP helps you with-

  • Track Donations & Manage Grants
  • Maintain Recurring Donations and Pledges
  • View household giving history
  • Giving campaigns, Soft credits and matching gifts
  • Allocate funds

3. Engagement Management

Engaging with your constituents is one of the key features of Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack

  • Define & Track engagement levels of constituents
  • Track onboarding & engagement of volunteers
  • Engagement with major donors, program participants

4. Volunteer Management

Volunteers are one of the key pillars of most Nonprofit organizations. With SFDC NPSP you can easily manage the volunteer program by understanding volunteers and tracking their colunteer hours

  • Volunteer profiles
  • Match volunteer skills to volunteer opportunities
  • Track volunteer jobs/opportunities – ongoing or for a specific event
  • Define shifts for specific jobs Volunteers can sign up for shifts

5. Campaign Management NPSP helps Nonprofit organizations by creating and tracking the campaigns for fundraising or programs. With NPSP Nonprofits can –

  • Create Deduplicated Mailing Lists from a Campaign
  • Create and Update Campaign Members Through an Opportunity
  • Campaigns can be executed within or outside Salesforce based on the nature of the campaign

6. Analytics

With Salesforce NPSP you get hundreds of prebuilt reports that you’ll find useful to track Donors and giving, Grants, Memberships, Campaign ROI, and more.

  • NPSP Constituent Reports NPSP
  • Fundraising Reports
  • NPSP Dashboards

These reports can be used just as they are, or you can customize them to meet your specific needs

Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) for Salesforce – Demo (Video link is below)

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