People buy from people whom they know and trust. Sellers spend countless hours understanding their customers' organizations, discover stakeholders, build relationships, and learn their buying behavior.

Yet again, we realize that the deal fell through the cracks because one key stakeholder was missed, and he raised objections at the last minute.

How do you ensure that the sellers cover all required buyer roles?

By the way, in lost deal reviews, how many times have you been surprised to know that some other executive in your company had a personal relationship with a key stakeholder on the buyer side?

Find out how you can remove the Seller's blind spots, map customer org, and leverage your executives' relationships!


85% of companies miss their forecast due to the challenges sales teams face in keeping track of the deals, identifying risks, and escalating internally for the timely help.

Salesforce Kanban does not provide the ability to view the Pipeline or Forecast in a more meaningful and actional way.

Hence we built Bolt Kanban, which is a logical extension, natively built with all the

functionality required to ensure Sellers, and Sales management can ensure deals do not fall through the crack.

What to do to meet your forecast for this quarter? Find out more….


Connecting with the customers on the channel of their choice has become a necessity in this hyper-connected world. Amazon Connect provides a quick and effective way of enabling Call and Chat in Salesforce.

The built-in joint capabilities of Amazon Connect and Salesforce Service Cloud integration provides everything you need to

build a complete, personalized experience through a single integration. In addition to this, bring the power of intelligence for transcription and auto-log call details.

Want to leverage the power of's global contact centers with the world's #1 CRM platform? Connect with us, and we will show you how we have done it for other customers.


We have helped Movius Communications to build a secure Mobile-first communications solution called MultiLine. It provides a separate business number on an employee's personal or corporate-owned device through a mobile application, for secure and compliant client communication.

Bolt Today helped Movius create seamless integrations with Salesforce. MultiLine for

Salesforce is designed to effortlessly integrate client communications into your key Salesforce workflows to help improve employee productivity, enhance customer experience, and boost your bottom line.

The solution is hosted on AppExchange. Want to get this quickly rolled-out for your teams? Find out more….


Salesforce Classic was built using web-centric technologies approximately 10-15 years back, which makes it challenging to design user-centric experience. Users demand app-like experience, which they are used to, and this is why Salesforce released Lightning.

The possibilities are limited only by our imagination. To demonstrate these possibilities, at Bolt, we built the Lightning

Migration Framework called Bolt Metrics.

Bolt Metrics has a well-matured migration methodology along with reusable components to help you migrate to Lighting easily and ensure adoption.

Change management has been the most significant deterrent. Connect with Bolt Today experts to see the demo of Bolt Metrics and learn how we have helped our customers.


The answer to the question "How matured is the opportunity" is very subjective. Sellers are very optimistic people and always see the glass half full, and have blind spots. Many companies had implemented sales methodologies like SPIN, MEDDIC, Solution Selling, Value Selling, and the list goes on. This has increased the burden on sellers to enter more data, yet neither the Sellers nor the

management can get actionable intel.

At Bolt, we have built an opportunity management framework that can take into account your company led critical success factors, and provide pin-point insights on the blind spots. The built-in Analytics or by integrating with Salesforce Einstein builder, we generate the score that reflects your unique way of doing business.


Sellers chase whatever moves. If the customer is actively engaged, then they believe that buyer is motivated to buy. However, sellers are not provided with much guidance on how to identify good deals from bad ones. The pipeline has a lot of deals, and Sellers are spending more time on Forecasted deals and are reactive on others. It is not their fault.

At Bolt, we identified this as the problem

where Analytics and Machine Learning can help the best. We built a multi-dimensional pipeline analysis solution called Pipeline Quadrant Analysis (PQA).

The PQA is built to provide a Gartner-like Magic quadrant analysis of your pipeline. The analysis is based on multiple factors, such as:

  • Customer Relationships
  • Customer Engagement Analysis
  • Critical Success Factors
  • Sales Process & Exit Criteria
  • Past Win/Loss Analysis
  • Deal Maturity, etc.

This makes it very easy for the Seller to prioritize their time, and also get actionable insights on maturing the pipeline.


Sellers tend to lose track of their numbers very quickly, and this can result in missing the forecast. Reducing the navigation nightmare for sellers and providing them the information at their fingertips, along with the ability to take quick actions, can significantly increase the forecast reliability.

Salesforce had designed the Home page with this specific intent, but many companies fail

to take adequate advantage of it. We have seen the cluttered Home page with tons of dashboards.

At Bolt, we have worked with many of our customers and designed different types of Order dashboards, where Sellers can keep track of their quota, closed deals, forecast, and pipeline. Gives them a single view of what they need to know. Furthermore, this becomes the only place for the sellers, and if required, they can navigate from this page to perform specific actions.


Management had invested heavily in Salesforce CRM, and many had even made it mandatory for the sellers to enter deal data. Yet they are unable to get insights, which deals are likely to close and why, how reliable is the forecast, and Sellers are getting the right things.

Furthermore, executives are struggling to understand sales productivity and determine if by adding more sellers, they can achieve the company target or they can do more with less. How can they help junior sellers learn from experienced salespeople, etc.

Unleash the power of Dashboards, and leverage them to get pin-point visibility into your sales data and help build the right sales culture. Connect with us Today to get started…


A product is an output of many layers of processes therefore dominates the permutations and combinations of complexities. Testing the product before its market exposure comes as a prerequisite but manual testing is tedious and might allow errors. To pacify the hassle, we present Bolt Test Automation 4th GL Framework which is composed of multiple micro services built for

Salesforce generic flows. Bolt Test Automation 4th GL Framework plays a significant role in getting your processes error-free as well as hassle-free.

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